Interview with Martin

Cipheristas and Ciphereros,

Over the coming weeks we want to start a couple of interviews with the guys so you get to know them better and of course get some inside news about the upcomming album! First of six is Martin. The interview was carried out by the CipherX WebTeam - enjoy!

Hey folks! Martin is with us today. Thanks for having some time for us. How are you, Martin

I'm fine. My favorite beer, some sandwiches and in contrast to the recording rooms where I currently spent a lot of my time also daylight! What more could I want?

Martin, you're playing one of the two 7-strings of CipherX. Since when do you play your instrument? How did you start?

Well, it's been 15 year now... I'm not sure to be honest. I always wanted to be a drummer in the first place but my parents would have killed me if I would have had a drumset in my room. So I was really happy when I started my first band and had a real drumset in our rehearsal room. Before and after every rehearsal I bashed the sticks of my drummer! Maybe that's why I volunteered to be the rythm guitarist ever after. But in the meantime a lot of melody licks and also a solo from time to time is nothing out of the ordenary. But there is nothing better than a meaty riff in mid tempo!

What does music mean to you?

Like I said, for 15 years now I am chained to dark and smelly rehearsal rooms. And I'm loving it! The creative spirit living in these rooms, the co-creation of songs with all its dynamics - simply fascinating. Especially this moment when a song is played with the complete band for the first time and works out perfect, without anybody fucking it up!

Can you descibe the typical CipherX songwriting process for us?

That's pretty simple. I come up with a perfect idea and nobody is able to understand it. Then it is cut to pieces, interpreted, analyzed and in the end I am looking at something complete different from my initial idea.
No, just kidding! A band always lives from making compromises. Each band member wants to leave his stamp and give something of his personality to a song. And that exactly makes a song special. There is a general frame in which we operate, let's say a genre, a leitmotif which holds it together but with room for interpretation. What's really special for CipherX is that we refrained from creating our songs in jam session. We use sheets to have a basic idea of a song which is then played in the rehearsal room and maybe modified. But without losing the initial character. So, guys, have a guess who of us was behind which song.

Martin, in your past you played with a lot of Metal bands. How is CipherX in comparison? What do you like about your band?

CipherX startet as a project, a real big difference to all my previous bands. In the past I always wanted to have it "higher, faster, farther" and ended up in some obscure Deathmetal bands. And that was a genre with basically no room for interpretation. Nonetheless, I started to introduce some Metal Core or Stoner influences to spice things up but in the end it still remained Metal.
With the start of CipherX I had to wipe the dust from my clean channels and was amazed that my amp was also giving good sounds when my gain was not at 10. The first songs led to a lot of discussion, so we dropped a few of them. In the meantime we have found our common ground and the mission becomes clearer and clearer.

The band is currently in the middle of the production of the first album. There have been a lot of posts on Facebook about your preparations. What exactly are you guys doing during the pre-production phase?

After we recorded all of the songs in the rehearsal room we had the opportunity to experience them as a listener. Although a lot of the riffs are emotionally loaded and it is no small thing to change something we are doing exactly that. Especially when we realize that we took it too far in some of the songs. A good song should make you want more and not give you a headache from just listening to it. When a listener comes to the point that he sais "hey, rewind, that was brilliant!" while listing to our song, my mission is accomplished. Live of course is more room for extra parts or longer chorus or mosh parts.

The two demo songs CipherX released in 2012 promise a lot for the upcoming album. Martin, what can we expect from the album?

Pure disappointment! *laugh* No, "Alive" and "CipherX" have shown what is possible in a studio in comparison to a live performance. Both songs have gone through the process I described before prior to the recordings and the result is amazing.

Is there a special song for you which will be on the album? Why is it special for you?

Definitely, "New Horizon". We wrote the song at a point of the last year when I was at the bottom, a shadow of myself. When you listen to the song and read Stylo's lyrics you can understand what makes the song so special for me. Other songs, like "CipherX" have a general "against" additute which I always like. The light punk rock intro leads the way. Also live one of our best songs.

New Year, new game. What are your goals for 2013?

To get out of the rehearsal and recording rooms to see the sun and to meet people. Also enough sleep and food which is not packed in a plastic square and frozen would be nice.

Thank you very much, Martin. We wish you a successfull CipherX year 2013!!!

This interview was done by the CipherX-WebTeam. If you like to participate and become part of the team please let us know. You should be experienced with Facebook and/or Twitter.